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Furnishing Apartment?

Posted by springfield-198494 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by michaelh-184806 - 15 years ago

how about Habitat, as there is one in Nice in the etoile centre. You could look at their products on line or at a Habitat in the Uk as they all sell the same things and then order them now so that they will be delivered whilst you are here. Also they will assemble them for you too, its  agreat service and only a few bucks more.

Habitat is a little more expensive than IKEA but the quality is tons better, and by the time you have hired a van driven 300kms round trip to Toulon and paid petrol and tolls.... whereas Habitat is on your doorstep.
However if you are dead set on IKEA, why not go to a UK IKEA, choose your stuff then phone Toulon and order it in France , again to be delivered, that way at least they will have chance of getting it in stock.

Good luck, and welcome to Nice

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Posted by Geoff77 - 15 years ago

Hallo  Springfield,

If you dont feel like driving outside Nice, try "Fly" furniture store. Its like habitat/Ikea. They sell beds/tables/carpets/home furnishings in modern styles (Not traditional french styles) A friend of ours furnished her 3 piece flat completely from Fly,and the place looked very good.(They deliver aswell)  

Fly is opposite Nice RIQUIER  Railway Station, at the junction of  Blvd. Pierre Sola and Rue Arson. The shop had a Yellow frontage.

Happy hunting!


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Posted by rosetta-185721 - 15 years ago

Congrats on your new place! Ikea in Toulon is about 1.5 hours away - you can pick up everything is one go as long as you have a big van and can make those kinds of decisions quickly. Try to get an idea of what you want from their web site first to make it easier on the day. They sell everything and the stuff is cheap and fairly good quality. Most things are flat-packed but I found it easier to put together than Habitat's furniture.

Good luck!

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Posted by sledger-197331 - 15 years ago

Hi Springfield,

welcome to Nice, for bed s and everything else check out a place called "BASIKA" its on the way to "CARROS" on route 202 just off the promenadereally not very far from the centre of Nice, there you can pick up Opium table, japenese style beds, HUGE cupboards, basically everything you want at a good price they will charge you an extra 39€ on top of what you buy for the delivery if you want it delivered, if you dont like what they have there then just a 30 second walk away is "FLY" which is a more well known name and do the same sort of stuff.................................;happy shopping