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Getting BBC and ITV on computer

Posted by Exeter-253476 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by WileECoyote-208209 - 8 years ago

With BBC iPlayer, you can watch older FREE non UK limited TV shows.
On our iPad BBC iPlayer (which will be the same as the PC version), I can watch older TV shows without needing to have a UK IP address (VPN) or any other Hardware.

The choice is limited though !!:O(

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Posted by Exeter-253476 - 8 years ago

Many thanks to everyone for their advice and recommendations. It's all been very useful and I've now made up my mind what to do.Thanks again!

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Posted by mcgreen - 8 years ago

My understanding on the "legality" of watching BBC/ITV etc content whether in the UK or outside is founded in copyright and license to use. When the BBC etc. commission or buy rights to broadcast the fee they pay is based on the probable number of viewers. In the UK this is equal to the number of license holders = number of households with TV (more or less). If you are overseas but have a UK license then I guess there is an argument you have a right to watch. Like any legal argument the courts will decide. If you are overseas and do not have a UK license then you are not assessed when the fee is determined hence your watching of the program could readily be deemed breach of copyright. But who has been prosecuted to date?

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Posted by wkt54-196372 - 8 years ago

I didn't have TV recently and tried to find BBC on the internet, but it came up for UK residents only, except for the news.

I did find how to get all sport on the internet and watch live football, golf etc. regularly.

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Posted by Exeter-253476 - 8 years ago

Hi Christopher - Thanks for pointing out the legal pitfalls. I do have a UK BBC TV licence. Would that suffice, do you think?

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Posted by ChristopherL-188542 - 8 years ago

Prepare to be disappointed as the BBC iplayer is designed for UK residents. You can get a specially packaged version on the iPad which takes care of some of the very difficult licensing issues.
While there are tons of proxy services that get around this by faking a UK IP address for you, they are a grey area in the law and any money you pay (you mention 10 quid) could be construed as illegal.
here is a snippet of text taken straight from one of those service's own web pages;
Is it legal?
Difficult to say, whilst offering a proxy service is legal, using it to watch geo targeted content may not be and our members are probably in violation of the broadcasters terms of use. Note that a BBC TV license is required to watch any live BBC TV channels whether on-line or by any other means

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Posted by charlee948 - 8 years ago

Have a look here:
I'm going to try it right now, enjoy :)