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Good quality building team arriving to côté d azur

Posted by littlegoatdemon - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by 06mougins - 7 years ago

Try www.ratethetradesman.com. We have used it a few times now on smaller jobs and been pleased with the work. All the workers on there speak English, but I think its important to see previous work and talk to the previous clients if you're have major renovations done. I've heard some very bad stories...

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Posted by trae1107 - 7 years ago

Well done Olivier! Couldn't agree more... What about their décénnale/ten year insurance... There are already very good and very long established British building companies down here - who also speak French, know the ropes, know about permits etc., get the discounts..Where's the benefit in bringing people in who can't provide these basics?

Equally, there are some dodgy building companies out there, French, English, Danish - you name it.

The best thing anyone can do is ask to see examples of previous work, get references and if the company has been established for many years down here, the chances are they're a good bet - but check the references and see their work!

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Posted by Olivier06480 - 7 years ago

Getting UK builders (or from anywhere else, in fact) may seem as a good idea, but the only advantage is that they would eventually speak your own language.However...- As Earthling mentions, they need to be fully registered and licensed IN FRANCE, for a simple reason: If they are not, it is illegal, firstly, and secondly you won't be able to deduct their work from the capital gain when you will resell your property (if someone has a different view, interesting to hear about it)- Unlikely they will be able to purchase material in france at the special discounted price given to registered builders. So where is your benefit ?- Eventually, when work is done, if there is a problem and the work needs touching up... they will be back in the UK !- Finally, no derogative and with all due respect, but if they are THAT good, why can't they have work in the UK ?
There are many builders here from the UK who have been working for years, a good number of very good ones, fully registered, based here, and i am not sure there is that much space for new builders.
And again, it is not because they are from the UK that they are better then the British or French builders based here. And yes, you have seen their work, but would I need to travel to the UK to see their work, or to other parts of France ?
Business is getting tough here, so the priority needs to be given to the established ones, already based here and fully registered.
Anyone has different views, so I will be waiting for the comments....

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Posted by Earthling-217786 - 7 years ago

Having seen their previous work,where in France adhering to French specifications and regulations ?

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Posted by tea? - 7 years ago

please post their details. good builders seem in short supply