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Posted by Tudor's mum - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Tudor's mum - 16 years ago

I'm sorry...I didn't see your reply. My husband just told me about it last night.

I believe the area we want to gravel in is 11 sq meters. I will try to get measurements tonight when hubby gets home. It's easier to do together. :)

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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 16 years ago

Agreed. Ciffreo Bona, Materiaux Reunis and SoSaCa all sell gravel by the ton and deliver too.

As a guide most grades fit into a price window of 17-20 euro per tonne and delivery will cost you about 40 euro or so for up to 30kms-ish. (CB prices

A ton of gravel in bags will cost you 25 x 40Kg x 5Euro = Euro 125 plus you have to lug it yourself. Euro 125 will buy you 3 ton delivered to the door.

Think about running a layer of GeoTextile under it as gravel is the World's Best Weed Bed, and try to get at least 2 inches of depth.

Send your measurments and I'll come back with recommended quantity or if you need more help, let me know.


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Posted by Tudor's mum - 16 years ago

Thank you so much! This is a big help. Money is tight this month; bank and agency fees are ridiculous!

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Posted by Seeker-184579 - 16 years ago

Antoine Quintane, on the route de Valbonne, near Plascassier also sell gravel by the part-ton, and they deliver.  Much cheapert than buying bags in hardwre/DIY places.

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Posted by Jan-181414 - 16 years ago

I use SRMT in Le Rouret. They are reliable and prices are good.

Tel 04 93 77 20 67

And if you ask nicely they will give you a 20% discount.


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