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Help I need cleaning product suggestions

Posted by leslie-179832 - Created: 13 years ago
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I am hoping that there are manyneurotics out thee like me, who strive for a CLEAN and SPARKLY home! There are several products I have been using here for the past 4 years and I am really not satisfied. I hope you can share with me your suggestions to the following cleaning difficulties:

1) I have parquet floors. they are not the type that are varnished/ highly polished or very well sealed. They are the squares which are made up of 5 thing long strips and placed in alternating patterns next to one another.

ANYWAY, in the US I used a product called MURPHY'S OIL SOAP. It was brilliant and left my floors looking clean, polised/oiled and left a very nice smell. I use a product here and it just seems to dull the wood. HELP what do you use?

2) I have been unable to find a good/strong enough product that is not POISONESS totakethe grime off of my tile floors, that are about 50 years old. Theyare the speckled 1970's kind and are hard as diamonds. The grime is as hard too. I tried using Javel, straight on the floor, it worked a little bit, but did not leave a lustre or brilliant color look. What can I use to return the tile back to it ALMOST new look?

In both these cases I am looking for a product that will not kill my brain cells when combined withthe heat of the summer and bad ventilation.


In advance, thank you for your suggestions!!



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Posted by marina-lee - 11 years ago

We too, have old parquet floors. Once the varnish has worn away I don't think there is much you can do to make them look new and sparkly. The wood absorbs the dirt and any cleaner you put on it. The parquet needs to be sanded and re-varnished. I have been on my hands and knees with a nail brush and parquet floor cleaner, it does look cleaner but not great.

Vitro ceramic cooktops: Have had several. None of the cleaners work. The razor blade gets the excess off and a light scourer with Jiff but it always looks scratched if you use it a lot.

I would love to know a cleaner for stainless steel sinks. I love a shiney sink and have tried all the anticalc products here in france but they never bring it up like new.

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Posted by BLUEFIN-193689 - 11 years ago

Hi Leslie

We have the same dilemma - did you find anything that worked on either?

Our tiles sound like yours - white and speckled and should have a shiny surface but over the years they have lost the sheen. Also our parquet floors need something to restore their look.



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Posted by leslie-179832 - 13 years ago


Do you mean vitro-ceramic? If so, won't that scratch the glass like surface?


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Posted by meagherp - 13 years ago

cheers for the hob cleaning tipe//a knife scraper seems to get it off better than solvents.        give me a gas hob any day !Peter

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Posted by szozu - 13 years ago

For ceramic cooktops you are supposed to scrape them with a thingie that holds an old-fashioned single-edged razor blade and has a handle--same thing as for scraping the paint off windows. After that you clean it with your ceramic cooktop cleaner and rub it with a paper towel. If you ever have any sugar boil over then you need to clean it off immediately. I think it's because sugar can cause it to pit.


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Posted by Jupiter-196034 - 13 years ago


All peeps, have a browse at the above, they have some fantastic products. I recently ordered some things and it took one week to arrive. (to France). You can also telephone your order, and ask for product advice. They have loads cleaning solutions.

Peter, baking powder is good for kitchen/bathroom jobs, mixed with a little water to make a paste. Does the same as the old Vim type cleaners.

Happy scrubbing folks !

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Posted by meagherp - 13 years ago

Another question:  how do you clean back to new state, a electric ceramic hob top?  they look great brand new but after a few dozen boil overs with salty veg they get crusty marks absolutely resistant to everything in my kitchen cupboard/garage.

Apart from the usual kitchen vinegar/spray products I've tried WD40 , T-Cut(try it on windows-fantastic clean glass), paint thinner etc. the supposed ceramic top cleaners are totally useless.

keep it simple - I'm a bloke.


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Posted by sms9127 - 13 years ago

To clean the old tiles and the tile cement around them, you can use a mixture of one bucket of cool water and one mug of chlorhyprique acid  which can be found in any large supermarket. You must use gloves and be careful not get the mixture on your skin. You have to put this mixture all over the floor and then mop it up with clear water after about 30 minutes. It has no odors but of course you don't want to get it on your skin so it can't go in the category of "non-toxic".This will clean your tiles but not polish them. Or there is a detergent in powder form called St Marc which is a very strong cleaning detergent. Mixed with water it will clean about anything.  Professional painters use this to clean the walls before painting. The very best strong modern cleaning product that I have found is:MR. PROPRE EAU JAVEL.  It comes in a white, plastic, spray container and can be found almost exclusively at Carrefour or sometimes Lecler.Sue

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Posted by leslie-179832 - 13 years ago


Don't be bemused, I used the javel on a small area of the WC floor. Plus it was not 100% Javel but a product w/ other ingredients for cleaning the home.

Everyone else, Thanxs for your suggestions, keep em coming!!

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Posted by Linda Caird-193057 - 13 years ago


I agree that to clean the tiles vinegar is excellent. I have just found a product by Starwax called Shampooing Autolustrant. It has just restored oour floor  and it loks really good.