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Hornets nest

Posted by Markdo-187997 - Created: 13 years ago
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We have a hornets nest in our roof which is causing problems - every evening they are attracted to the light and fly indoors. This is a bit concerning with a 6 month old baby.

Can anyone recommend the best people to contact to get rid of the nest? Would it have to be a private firm or could it be handled by the commune or pompier?


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Posted by Cassini-187302 - 13 years ago

Sprays are available in most supermarkets. Carrefour certainly have a choice. for around @13. They also have wasp traps - which collect hornets too, although its best to hang these out of direct sight from the house or sitting areas. Having had a hornet's nest in our chimney the other year we were very concerned and had to deal with several wasps nests on the gable ends and around the land. We had great success with such a spray this year - they emit a very powerful long spray - just follow the instructions; two treatments are advisable. I would recommend wearing old clothes with long sleeves, perhaps gardening gloves and perhaps some eye protection such as goggles in case of the wind blowing something back at you. Its easier than it sounds. Good Luck.

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Posted by Linda Caird-193057 - 13 years ago

I should be very careful when dealing with hornets, they give a very nasty sting, especially for a baby.They tend to swarm towards their invader so be cautious, I would get them dealt with professionally by a pest company as soon as possible. Maybe the local marie can give you a telephone number of such a company. Sorry I cannot help!

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Posted by Rebel-193688 - 13 years ago

You DO have to worry when using these sprays, when we had a nest, the pompiers came and put on a 'space suit' to protect themselves, and the beasts were flying allover the place before they died.

I don't think the pompiers provide the service any more, but you could try.


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Posted by Sarah Rossi - 13 years ago

There is a spray available in most hardware stores that is very effective and is designed for wasp and hornet's nests. It is about 15€ a can and is used by the pompiers. It sprays from 10 metres away so you don't have to worry!Good luck!