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House sitter - how much pay?

Posted by Rachel Koch - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by Smilesuccess - 17 years ago

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Posted by jaaw70 - 17 years ago

I have had a house-sitter several times for some dogs. However, the relationship was generally good for both parties. We needed someone to stay with the dogs (prefering somewhere other than a kennel) and they needed somewhere to live and food.We did a calculation based on what the cost would be to put the dogs in a kennel. Pay was about 75% the kennel rate for the 2 dogs. However, we left some extra cash for food. I would have probably paid more for the ease of leaving the dogs at home and having someone in the house. However, our house-sitter had other jobs. We decided the pay should include food and enough money to make it worth the fact that the sitter could not run off for the weekendHowever, in your situation with horses, I think the pay should be higher than just taking care of dogs and cats.But, I imagine the boarding costs for horses would be fairly significant.There is a certain value to having a roof, heat, water and food that has to be put in your calculation.