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How to get a car moved from my parking space

Posted by FionaP-219709 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by FionaP-219709 - 5 years ago

Thanks, yes.  They told us that they would move it if it was stolen, but unfortunately it was not so that was when they said we'd have to get the Syndic to move it. Many emails, phonecalls, meetings and notes later, we're still in the same position.  However, I'll try getting it moved by a garage by showing my proof of ownership.  Fingers crossed.   I'll update here if it works or not.  Thanks everyone.


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Posted by june rose 66 - 5 years ago

Just a thought but perhaps the car has been stolen. We had a stolen car abandoned on our lotissement and the police moved it...

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Posted by FionaP-219709 - 5 years ago

Thanks Nissalabella, Skipper767 and Gravis.  I'll try asking a garage if they will tow it then.  I'll bring all my documents with me.  Hadn't thought of that.  Many thanks for all your suggestions.



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Posted by SKIPPER767-222925 - 5 years ago

Hi Fiona,

I had the same problem and I solve it in 10 days,still long but here what you have to do,

First: Police national or Municipal can not move the car in à Private place.they need orders etc..

If you are the owner of the parking ,send à lettre recommandé avec accusé de réception to your Syndic.if you are only renting the parking you have to ask the owner to do that.

If they don't answer you, you can contact any garage nearby and ask them to move the car but it's not free.should cost you 150.00 to 200.00 euro .

Normaly with à lettre recommandé is enough to make them move it unless someone from the syndic knows the owner of the Car.

Also if you have a Concierge in the Residence Check with him if he is renting your parking while your away.

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Posted by nissalabella - 5 years ago

Hi Fiona,   best is probably to contact your Mairie to report a "voiture ventouse" not moving on your private carpark.  I guess you have to talk to the police municipale and they may, eventually, remove the car which, I suppose, has been left there for ever...  Also, you could send a registered letter to your syndic to point out that you don't want to pay charges for a "so-called" private parking that you can't physically occupy.

Good luck,