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Ikea Toulon

Posted by eileen18 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by PeterG-197996 - 15 years ago

tv set will work video will not play french tape.

We bought one!

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Posted by eggsch - 15 years ago

indeed you want to watch out for the plugs on smaller italian electrical goos. as weel you do not want to buy a tv set in italy which will not work in france.

fly is probablw th ebest option for cheap furniture in Nice. There is a new, rather big store opposite the Riquier railway station.

I think IKEA delivery service is quite good.



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Posted by IT_Girl - 15 years ago

I agree with Reinrev5, in Italy some goods are cheaper and have a nicer design. In particular all you need for bricolage, gardening, cooking etc. I personally bought my dishwasher in Italy (CentroEsse) and didn't have any problem for the guarantee etc, but I think you can find some good prices in Ubaldi here in France and it will be better for the delivery and SAV. Don't you worry about plugs if you are looking for big household items since we use european plugs, but check it if you are looking for small electrical items.

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Posted by reinrev5 - 15 years ago

Lots of stuff is cheaper, and as far as I'm concerned far more tastefull, in Italy but you will have to change the plugs on electrical items. The Italians have their type and the French another. That's what the harmonization the Common Market is all about isn't it ? 


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Posted by patmoz55 - 15 years ago

We are shortly going to be furnishing an apartment in Nice so have been following this posting closely. Are most household goods cheaper in Italy? What about electical goods? Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. ThanksPat

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Posted by IT_Girl - 15 years ago

You can also try CentroEsse in Camporosso, 5 minutes from Ventimiglia.

Take the main road in Ventimiglia leading to Sanremo, then turn left after the bridge towards Camporosso. After 2 kilometers you will see a small bridge "Ppnte dell'amicizia" and the CentroEsse on the other side of the river.

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Posted by Pervinca - 15 years ago

Try Upim or Standa at Ventimiglia, much cheaper than here and just  up the road, if you take the IC train it's only half an hour.

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Posted by Liz Lord-193061 - 15 years ago


There's also a Fly at Nice Lingostiere -up the N202 - on the right - which might be bigger than the town one - and you can park there etc to load your gooding - Casa is also good for gear - one on those near the Lingostierere Darty/ToysRUs too

Stylish stuff - mostly quite cheap!

Bon courage

Liz & Mel

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Posted by eileen18 - 15 years ago

Thanks for your help! Fly looks good for cheapish stuff.

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Posted by rosetta-185721 - 15 years ago

It's probably not worth the trek for smaller stuff - try Fly and Carrefour - they're OK for towels and small stuff. If you're in Nice, there's a big Carrefour at Bld General Delfino - there's a big Fly about 5 mins walk from there near the St. Augustin train station. The web is www.fly.fr - watch out because I think the shop closes at lunchtime.