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Internet Service Providers

Posted by DaveH-180933 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by dlmarlow - 17 years ago

Tiscali is the BEST I have unlimited access for €24.95 per month with an ISDN line for €30 per month. technical assistant can nearly ALWAYS be found in English if I wait long enough most internet 'techies' around the world often speak and understand some English.

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Posted by OK-186520 - 17 years ago

Hi, we use Wanadoo as well (although ADSL). With XP you have the option of choosing to run the a piece of software in an earlier version of windows. We run our Wanadoo program in 2000 and have found that solves most of the problems.

ADSL is the best way to get a fixed rate ISP package, although a bit expensive if you dont use it much. It does however start to become the cheaper option if you are online a lot.

Free.fr tend to over the best deals on all types of internet access. I seem to remember you can get 50hrs of dial up for 15€ per month, and they have now introduced ADSL for 30€ per month, with a free modem, and no minimum contract time. I havent seen any other deal that comes close to that.

We use Free.fr for our free email address and find it great. Big mailbox and attachment sizes, zero spam, and no ads. Their web server for email has different language options, but if you use MS Outlook or such like you avoid this problem (and many others) anyway.

Last but not least, if you use google (its free!) you can go to their language options and choose to translate a whole web page into English. Its not perfect grammer wise, but is certainly helpful.

You can also download the google toolbar which gives you faster acess to this feature and many others.

If you need any more help just email us.

cheers :)




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Posted by shining star - 17 years ago

Tiscali seem to be pretty good and if you don't understand the French site you can always log onto the UK one to check the options!  There is a free start up with Tiscali (Totale Liberte) which you can try for no cost and see if you like it.  None of the free dial-up services are perfect anywhere, ultimately you have to go ADSL IMHO.shining star x