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Lemon Trees

Posted by Mr&Mrs-259360 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by ESS-209984 - 6 years ago

We thought we had lost one lemon tree last year - when we were away on holiday high winds blew our fleece covers off the plant. It looked very sad after we gave it a hard prune, then quietly it recovered and strong, healthy green shoots appeared.
So, fingers crossed we will see the same this year, as both are looking rather sad at the moment, with most leaves having fallen off, in spite of the usual fleeces. It was a long, cold winter.
They are in a sunny spot, so we have taken the fleeces off now to let the full sunlight get to the plants to wake them up again - fingers crossed!
So, you are not alone....

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Posted by Bruce M - 6 years ago

Just a suggestion to add to the defence against cold. Here in Canada we have an inexpensive plug in device that turns on at 34F' (using bimetal disc). To that plug in an incandescent light bulb or other small heat device under the covering of the lemon tree. That should supply enough heat to protect the tree. For those of you who may be mechanically tallented you can use an electric thermostat and adjust the lowest setting to 32F' May require disassebly. Similar items are available for car block heaters.

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Posted by Debbie.Wenn-246797 - 6 years ago

Is it too early to take the covers off my lemon & orange trees yet to give them a bit of sun? Lots of leaves have fallen off underneath.

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Posted by five5 - 6 years ago

dig up the lemons trees put them in a pot, take them inside near the fire, keep them warm;

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Posted by Mr&Mrs-259360 - 6 years ago

Thank you very much for your advice - I have taken it on board and will act straight away. Thanks again

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Posted by ReWe - 6 years ago

I covered all my lemon, orange and clementine trees in fleece, also put loads of straw round their bases. The oranges and clementines are all fine, but the lemons all got frost burn at the tops even though they were well covered. So I have cut out all the dead and taken off the rotting lemons and just hope for the best when the weather warms up. Lemons usually do not survive in temperatures less than -5 degrees and we certainly had that for a while in February, so next time we have a really cold spell, go to your local "Agricole" shop and buy some straw and fleece to protect them. If it happens again next year, I am seriously considering putting double layers of fleece on them. Mine are well over twenty years old and have survived through all weathers and I would just be devastated if they were to die. You can also buy a fertiliser for all citrus trees called "Engrais Agrumes" at the same shop and you should dose them from March till end of May, then again in September and October. Do hope that yours revive again to give you the "Lemon Pleasures" in your life.

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Posted by Mr&Mrs-259360 - 6 years ago

Thank you

Yes - I am learning that!!

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Posted by Floridian-312987 - 6 years ago

I think only Mother Nature can help you now. It should grow back, cut back the dead after the new shoots come back in the spring.

There is a responsibilty in owning trees like this.