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mending crack in concrete gate post

Posted by Louise and Dave - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by five5 - 7 years ago

Hi eproxy will be no good. OPTION 1° Chase out the render. say about 5CM either side of the crack all around the post,use fibre glass meshing and sand and cement and bonding agent. . If you use eporxy it will fall out and you really can't paint over the top and goes of too quick? to manage, Normally Masonary resin, eporoxy is used for holding metal in place, screws and reinforced bars, for concrete.

Option, 2, Go to castorama and by masonary silicone which is easier to manage when applying to render. you still need to chase out the crack by using the flat end of a screwdriver, say around 1CM wide. Once you have applied the silicone, spray water on top and smooth with a plastic packer. next day ready for painting.

hope this helps.

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Posted by Louise and Dave - 7 years ago

Hi thanks for replying, no it doesn't look like movement at all looks like it has had a knock, possibly from the removal van of our seller.. It is a small hairline crack that seems to go round all sides.It isn't wobbling about or seems unstable. Looking on line I should be able to mend with epoxy and sand if I first cut our all loose concrete, my problem is I don't know what the product is called here or indeed where to find it. Bricco didn't seem to have what I was looking for.

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Posted by five5 - 7 years ago

There are plenty of solutions, firstly you will need to work out if it"s movment of the earth or shrinkage of the render, to actually fix the problem. You can chase out the crack and mesh with metal that will hold everything in place- and then render on top. if it"s movement then foundations will need fixing.