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microscopic bugs destroying my oleander!??

Posted by ppa-251347 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by ppa-251347 - 7 years ago

Thanks Auberia... I did some googling this morning, and there were also some recommendations for dish soap and water, which I've tried (cross fingers!). But will def look out for the Savon Noir (may have some around here somewhere)... wish me luck!! I'd prefer to avoid the chemicals if possible too.

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Posted by auberia - 7 years ago

Hi all,Instead of using a strong chemical, why not try a 'natural' remedy which I use on everything. Buy a plastic container of' Savon Noir' found in supermarkets in the washing powder sections - it takes a bit of searching, it's usually on a separate stand. Anyway it's thick brown liquid ( like honey) and you mix it with warm water. Wait until it cools and spray everything in sight! It creates a really slippery surface on leaves and plants and prevents the insects from hanging on.I mix a big batch and spray at intervals.I even washed the leaves of my bay tree by hand which were infested and is now fine. Roses love it. It is not toxic and doesn't harm other wildlife in the garden and it's not expensive. One thing - it smells a bit - like carbolic soap ( which keeps mosquitoes away), but it works. Also don't get the one with added linseed for washing the floor. It has to be Savon Noir only. There's a' Marius' brand something which is ok.Try it out.Auberia

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Posted by ppa-251347 - 7 years ago

Spider mites!! I think you are right!! thank you!!

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Posted by mcgreen - 7 years ago

My initial instinct is red spider mite but without pictures etc. difficult to be sure. This link might lead you in right direction or try searching oleander red spider and see if you can get a better picture and more accurate diagnosis.

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Posted by nissalabella - 7 years ago

It could be these terrible "cicadelle" which look like very tiny white grasshopers? If it is the case, the only way to get rid of these pests is to spray some lightly chlored hot water on them... they will move to your neighbours' garden and eventually come back to your oleander... I know that a lot of experienced gardeners have been trying to get rid of these bugs, so far, to my knowledge, with no success. Perhaps if you go to your local "jardinerie" they'll tell you more about how to deal with these pests. Good luck,

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Posted by SunnySue-315619 - 7 years ago

See this link: http://www.jardiner-malin.fr/fiche/lutte-cochenille.html. Does it look anything like this? It's in French I'm afraid, but basically, if that's what it is, then you could go to a garden centre and ask them for a product to treat this. Good luck!

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Posted by ouch that hurt !-230853 - 7 years ago

I can't say, but go & ask in your garden centre & spray everything with Confidor (other),