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Mosquito problem

Posted by harrimonaco - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by LouiseLL - 7 years ago

I find that the itching is greatly reduced if you put vinegar on the bite as soon as you discover it. One of the locals here told me this and I really find it works. It makes you smell a bit strange but I'm past caring!

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Posted by Angelinthewings - 7 years ago

There's a new spray called "apaisyl" repulsif moustiques. You should be able to find it in any chemist/parapharmacie. It's very effective I find and not sticky. It's in a practical long, thinnish container with a finer spray nozzle than these things usually have. I can't fault it.

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Posted by RF-205947 - 7 years ago

Yes I heard that Vit B, particularly Thiamin or thiamine helps, I think it might be B6. If the itch gets too much I take anti histamine. There is a cheaper brand than Humex in the chemists for about 4 euros, Humex costs 6 and they always give you the more expensive one.

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Posted by sunnydream - 7 years ago

Vitamin B complex taken on a long term basis will stop the itching and swelling.

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Posted by belamica-188434 - 7 years ago

It may sound a bit crazy, but I read recently that if you take Vit. E on a daily basis, after about 10 - 14 days your skin exudes a smell which the mozzies don't like at all. Vit. B1 is also supposed to be effective... I'm into my first week of taking Vit. E now and really hope it works... The itching drives me crazy!

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Posted by RuthR - 7 years ago

I've found a natural product called Mosi-Guard to be really good: http://www.mosi-guard.com
It's a UK brand but I've also bought it in a pharmacy in Antibes. It's the only product that has worked for me. It's not sticky and smells OK, not too strong.

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Posted by Louise Callaghan - 7 years ago

try Citronella spray which you csn buy here and it is the only thing which keeps the little devils away. It is cheap and natural. It smells very strong but beats being bitten. I mix with natural oil like - Calendula and a bit of tee tree oil.

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Posted by Ras-214972 - 7 years ago

I have had some success with Wrights "coal tar" soap. Note there is no coal tar in there (because it is banned), rather it contains tea tree oil which is natural and coal tar "fragrance". It is antiseptic and pretty strong smelling which is probably what discourages the bugs.

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Posted by infrance06 - 7 years ago

I am someone else that will attract a mosquito from miles away and at any time of the day or night. I found 'Vendome lait anti-moustique' to be excellent. I buy it in Carrefour and it is marked 'hypoallergenique' and 'special enfants'. It is not a natural protect but it does not have that horrible sticky feel that many of the stronger products have.

Good luck!

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Posted by dido-203783 - 7 years ago

It would seem that the mossies find you as tasty as they do me (they even find the little patches of skin I haven't put any product on)! Unfortunately, I have found the "natural" products available here are completely useless and the only thing that works for me is tropical strength Jungle Formula from the UK. Sorry not to be more environmentally or skin-friendlyhelpful!!