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Paint and tiles in Nice

Posted by kfulwell - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by nina-II - 16 years ago

DublinMike, thanks for making yourself a champion of local diy stores; I try some pf these shop when I was living in england and was positively disgusted by the poor choice, small range etc, and longing for my local LeroyMerlin where I spent so many enjoyable hours; However, best place for tile by far is any dealer across the italian border in the Vintimilla to Arma di Tagia area: the choice is amazing and the price quite good considering the quality

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Posted by kfulwell - 16 years ago

Wow, thanks guys! I knew this was the right place to ask! Have made mental note to pack my paint roller .... and DublinMike, may email you nearer the time of my next visit (mid Sept).KateKate

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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 16 years ago

With the exception of paint which is quite expensive, but substantially better especially in lightfastness and opacity, since they're mostly acrylics and not emulsions, almost everything else here is substantially cheaper. That is based on personal experience of building projects in both Oxford and Dublin.

As a rule of thumb you will use half the paint you would normally use were it a UK trade emulsion.

For example tiles; the exact tiles which cost 28Euro PSM here in Castorama cost 89Euro in B&Q in Dublin and £59 in B&Q in Banbury Oxon. These store are all owned by Kingfisher/Castorama and the tiles are the very same thing exactly.

The Euro prices here are on average 40% cheaper than the UK's sterling when converted  and 20% cheaper than Ireland's Euro, and my personal experience is that the service and attitude here is incomparably better here.

The only thing you should consider bringing with you from the UK are paint rollers. There are no decent steel framed 16" rollers here in the main stores. I assume you can get them somewhere but I brought all my own and they are the most borrowed thing among my French neighbours. (Well I'd be happy to lend it to you too if you've got a big area to paint).

If you want a big quantity of tiles, it's cheaper yet again to buy in Italy, consider renting a car and taking a trip to Ventimiglia, Bordighera and Sam Remo. For a small quantity it's not worth the hassle.

I go to the RN202 to chez Merlin regularly  and I go through Nice, so if it's a help let me know and I'll give you a lift and drop you off with any stuff you buy in my 'wagon'. Drop an email if you need to.

leroy Merlin will also deliver I believe, but the problem is getting there in the first place.



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Posted by Andrew.Wilk - 16 years ago

Perhaps France of the last twenty years is a different one to that I have been experiencing in the last year. Just about everything diy I have bought in France in the last year has been priced at 50-100% dearer than any mainstream UK diy store like Wickes or B&Q. Perhaps you would let us know where your France is?  It sounds great.

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Posted by rdk77 - 16 years ago

Amazing - This must be in a country masquerading as france, as it bears no resemblance to the country I lived in for twenty years!

Huge choice, expert advice from polite staff, reasonable prices, but speaking french probably helps!

Richard D Kneller

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Posted by C J Flynn - 16 years ago

Bearing in mind that I have no idea how to get there except by car, there is a DIY company next to the Carrefore in St. Isadore named Leroy Merlin.I positively enjoy the place, the selection, the people...then again, I have that problem at a lot of places. In addition to paint (they carried 3 or 4 brands for painting rusty metal), they have a lot of tiles. They also seemed to be open often and late.Andrew, please go there and tell us what you think.C J

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Posted by Andrew.Wilk - 16 years ago

There are many things the French do well, but the d-i-y materials markeyt is most definitely not one of them: just about everything is a complete rip-off, choice is very limited, labels are impenetrable, instructions unfathomable, and prices outrageous, opening hours mean, advice/service unhelpful... I could go on.

You would do well - within weight restrictions - to bring what you need over from the UK, however bear in mind anything with the words "flammable" on the tin (eg gloss paint) should never be brought onto an aircraft.

Within Nice, there is "Ciffreo Bona" near (well, not far) from the Gare SNCF -  they have most things, though paint is unbelievably expensive for those brought up on Wickes prices. There is a bit more at "Bricolage" near Mangan on the Avenue Californie, but they do shut for lunch and dont expect a lot in the way of tiles. There is also the rambling "Brico" of between Patorelli and Rue do Hotel de Postes. There is another giant up towards Riquier - "Costa Magna" I think.

I came across a better small shop half way up the Gambetta.

We are struggling with a good source for tiles ( also no transport!) so be interested in anyone elses contributions.