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Painting old ceiling beams

Posted by robbie1400 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by Little Al - 7 years ago

Yes ,the final coat was water-based emulsion,on top of the oil based undercoat. The result IS opaque though. I suppose if the final coat is a satin finish you`d see more of the texture of the wood, thoigh still not the actual grain. What you seem to proose sounds more like a limed oak type of finish............beyond my (limited) expertise. Try googling images of painted beams to find what you like.

 Happy new year, and do let me know how you get on.

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Posted by True_North - 7 years ago

When you say emulsion, do you mean water based paint??  The final look would be quite opaque, wouldn't it?  ie no wood grain visible?  Thanks.  (I too have some beams I wanted to change the appearance of but don't want the opaque look (ie like a painted wall).  I thought that to get a stained look, I'd have to strip the varnish and current stain, which would be way too messy and time-consuming...

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Posted by robbie1400 - 7 years ago

Thanks for the advice - it worked out perfectly.

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Posted by Little Al - 7 years ago

We did ours in our hallway .Start with an OIL BASED undercoat.........this will stop the wood "bleeding" through.Allow to dry, then try one just one area with the required colour/ finish. (We used ordinary emulsion). Allow to dry.....and if you are happy, continue. If not, apply a second coat of oil based undercoat, and finally the final colour. Should be lovely!