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Planning permission required?

Posted by Marcello-279936 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by hornpipe-224782 - 5 years ago

We put up a small 8 x 6 shed when we lived in a domaine of 8 houses. A neighbour reported us and we then had a letter from the Grand Instance in Grasse telling us we had no planning permission. We ignored it!!  Then came a request to pay tax on it - which we did, it was very small. This then gave the shed legitimacy. However when we were selling our house, the shed entered discussions once more with the solicitors. We said we would happily dismantle it if the new owners (French) did not want it. They did. It's still there today.

I think that your landlord would certainly need to be approached. Currently I am told that sheds are not permitted in the gardens of the apartments in which we live.

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Posted by ESS-209984 - 5 years ago

Many communes around here do NOT allow wooden sheds - in spite of the fact that you may well see your neighbours with one, so do check.  I am in Mouans Sartoux, and they are completely out of the question. 

I would also check your lease closely.   If I were your landlord, I would take a dim view of you taking away my decking!   You may well have to keep it all and make good when you leave.

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Posted by Neil Clarke - 5 years ago

Hi Marcello,

I believe anything LESS than 20m2 doesn't require planning permission, but.........

I found a very good article on French Property News site covering all aspects of building & planning.  I'm not sure whether decking is covered.

To find the link, it's in a reply I made to someone and is still there on "Financial & Legal"  page 2.

Higher up the list is a discussion on erecting garden sheds which may cover your situation.  I think you would have to ask your landlord's permission as it might say so in the contract, or just out of courtesy. 

Good luck, Neil