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Plants for the Balcony

Posted by Taza579 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by Serengwalia - 7 years ago

I've had pretty good results with Lavenders of various types and buddleja's as well. They do attract insects though and this might be a problem for a balcony.

The buddleja can also get a bit out of hand unless you are firm with it,. Mine seem to be incapable of understanding that they are supposed to be pot-bound and restricted.......

Herbs like sage will also work well and are heat resistant

I cheerfully admit to following the general advice on plant selection at 


There's someone who is happy to share experience and I'm delighted not to have to reinvent the wheel

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Posted by LouiseLL - 7 years ago

Geraniums don't work long term for me either. With plants that don't flower (ivy, spider plants, asparagus plants, etc), I sow a few annuals in spring (nasturtiums are great for hanging pots). Adds colour and looks great until autumn.

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Posted by SunnySue-315619 - 7 years ago

Geraniums look great the year you plant them but mine always look very sad the next year. Maybe I'm just not very good at geraniums! 

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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 7 years ago


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Posted by Taza579 - 7 years ago

Thanks Louise.

I was wondering about small plants for the pots that hang over the railings. 

Il try your suggestions

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Posted by LouiseLL - 7 years ago

Big plants or small ones? It's actually very difficult, I had the same problem when I lived in a small apartment in Nice, all my pot plants seemed to die. The small plants that lasted were spider plants and asparagus plants. For bigger plants someone told me to try an oleander but I never got round to it. Roses can work but they look a bit bedraggled in winter, lovely in spring and autumn especially if you fertilise them. Some types of solanum can work too (as long as the pot is big enough!). Good luck!