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Playing DVDs on TV screen via computer

Posted by dumbo-186130 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by davidl-181802 - 17 years ago

Just to confirm - the Presario 900 is a notebook?

According to the compaq manual (downloadable from www.compaq.com support pages) there are three ways to switch to the external video output 1) restart the computer 2) press fn + f4 3) go to the ATI display properties and click TV on.

It has an SVHS output so you need a SVHS cable + an audio cable to get the sound to the TV. Really need more info about what kind of cables you already have to tell you if you need more etc and how to plug them up.

Hope this helps a bit.

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Posted by mike-179830 - 17 years ago

MikeP's comments only really relate to laptops and notebooks.

The answer is "it depends". It may be a key combination, it may be via software (either your DVD player application, or the Control Panel/Display applet - if you're running Windows, something different if it's a Mac) or it may not be something you switch between - maybe the picture will display on the TV and on the computer screen, and all you need to do is tune the TV to the appropriate AV channel...


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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 17 years ago

To add to the above,  the F (number) key to press will probably have an icon of two small screens on it,  one blank and one active.  On my Toshiba it's F5.

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Posted by davidl-181802 - 17 years ago

To change from computer screen to TV out you usually need to press the fn key (funcyion key) and another key - usually something like f7 - should be labelled on the key. It changes with different models and makes so best to read the manual

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Posted by stirrer2-182859 - 17 years ago

okay how i managed to do it was to get my friend to do the tech stuff, sounds like youve done that... then on my tv I have numbered channels, but I also have 3 numbered channels that have alittle box with an arrow type symbol on them...   My picture from the comp works on one of those.  Play around with your remote control channel changers is my advice....

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