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Plumbing Question

Posted by Oggy1-207880 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by B_Morter - 7 years ago

There should be 2 temperature & pressure relief valves, 1 directly on the cylinder/ballon and another where the pressure reducing valve is which should also have a filter inside it. should be factory set at 3 bar.

Sometimes like i said the ballon is inside but id ont mean just behind the covers, i mean actually inside where the water is being held, acts as an air bubble. but i have seen this design on a Heatrae sadia, megaflo cylinder so any others should normally have an external expansion vessel. Like i said refer to the manufacturers instructions which if you haven't got you can normally find them on the internet.

It doesn't sound like you are missing anything as it doesn't sound right to me.

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Posted by Oggy1-207880 - 7 years ago

Thank you for the reply,

The mains is set at 2.5 , and I have isolated the ballon from the mains in case the detainer is weeping.

The pressure is increasing as the water gets hot, I have fitted a safety valve with a gage, no safety valve was fitted on the hot water side and no expansion either.

I have taken the covers of the ballon and can not find any expansion system.

I think only the heating loop is protected, the hot water was forgotten about.

As I have said I am not a heating expert but understand the system, but am questioning myself,

Am I missing something.

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Posted by B_Morter - 7 years ago

I would be happy to talk through the system with you but would be easier to see it for myself and inspect it properly.

But just to give my opinion on what you have said so far;

The unvented hot water cylinder should DEFINATELY have an expansion vessel but sometimes they are inside the sylinder and you can't pysically see it. This would normally be explained in the manufacturers literature.

It should also only be working at around 3bar. There should be a pressure reducing valve in place to limit the mains inlet pressure. I'm guessing that the 7bar you mentioned is from seeing a pressure relief valve set at 7bar which is there incase there is over-pressurisation within the cylinder.

Regards, Ben Morter

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Posted by Oggy1-207880 - 7 years ago

It is regarding my heating and hot water,
My system is a closed system with loop for heating 4 way valve and separate ballon for hot water.
The loop has an expansion vessel.

The hot water has no expansion vessel in the circuit , it is pressurising up to 7bar, I think it should have a pressure vessel in this as well as in the heating loop.
I do understand the principles as am an engineer but it was fitted by a so
called expert so I am questioning my self.

Would be good to talk it through if possible.

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Posted by ChB-184121 - 7 years ago

Julie, Perhaps if you tell us what you think is wrong, you will get some advice from those of us with experience in that sector.