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Pool Filter

Posted by Toril - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by soundsalike - 7 years ago

My experience with ionised systems such as yours is that if enough attention has not been paid to back washing or the filtration is turned off over the winter is that the copper sulphate will create clinkers which look like green blue rocks and eventually the whole filter will become like concrete. Often it is cheaper to abandon the complete unit and install new. This system was used as far back as the Roman times or before with slaves paddling a long pole with, at one end of a bath with a copper plate and the other with silver creating an electrolyse effect.Regardless of this the water will benefit from a small quantity of chlor to make the water sparkle.France piscines keep the elements for this.I hope this is helpful.

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Posted by LouiseStrachan - 7 years ago

Is that a copper / silver disinfectant that's dosed into the water, in which case presumably you have a normal sand filter, or a copper / silver surface filter which will be very specialist?

If it's a sand filter, it's just the sand which needs replacing.


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Posted by Toril - 7 years ago

Le bar sur loup

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Posted by soundsalike - 7 years ago

Where are you?