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Problems with rats in my attic !!

Posted by Cyncyn-216030 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by Polly Ester - 8 years ago

We have the same every winter.
It may not be a rat, but a Loir - also known as the Edible Dormouse.
It is a protected species.
The cats and I heard it/them every night - it is like they are playing football!
Goes away in the Spring.
Info off the web:-
The Edible Dormouse (also known as the Fat Dormouse) is one of 3 varieties of Dormice found in the Alpine regions. The (ironically) rarer Common Dormouse and the Tree Dormouse are protected species, and are smaller and lighter.

This little rodent has large, dark eyes and thick grey fur. It has an omnivorous diet that includes plants and berries, eggs and baby birds.