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Product to clean grease

Posted by szozu - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by angel-187474 - 16 years ago

Some oven cleaners are excellent for the job - but check the warning dialogue first as they vary as to what surfaces you can use them on.  We use one that doesn't contain caustic soda, so the fumes are not too hard on the senses.  It's recommended for use on tiles, glass, chrome ... but not on painted nor varnished surfaces.


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Posted by szozu - 16 years ago

Ah yes, I had forgotten about ammonia. I seem to remember it cutting grease pretty effectively, but the fumes really get to me, even when it's diluted for cleaning glass! I'm wondering if the ammonia sold here in France is more concentrated than that in the US or if my tolerance level has simply decreased.


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Posted by theresponsibleadult-188195 - 16 years ago

I have found that the best thing for cutting hardened grease like that is ammonia, the stronger the concentration the better.  However, you must be very careful; wear gloves, preferably elbow length rubber ones with the tops turned down a couple of centimeters to catch drips, and make very sure there is LOTS of ventilation.  Also, make sure that there are no other cleaning agents which contain bleach which can get mixed with the ammonia.

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Posted by szozu - 16 years ago

I've never had any success with the window cleaners for this type of grease.

Is Conad a supermarket? I've been meaning to take a shopping excursion to Italy, perhaps this will give me another reason to go!


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Posted by belamica-188434 - 16 years ago


If you happen to be in Sanremo check out Conad down by the port for a product called DEXAL.  Really terrific stuff, yellow, in a plastic spray bottle, works on just about EVERYTHING!  Don't know if Conad in Latte or XXmiglia have it.  Good luck.


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Posted by Nice&Easy - 16 years ago

Any Alcohol based sprays i.e. .computer cleaners or

Spray window cleaners leave a few minutes and

use a cotton cloth to rub off the soft grease

good luck