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Posted by dzj744 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by belena - 5 years ago

I have a question about apricot tree - we had loads of fruit last summer but 90% of it had worms. So dissapointing! How to avoid it? Spray with something may be?

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Posted by appletrees-321263 - 5 years ago

Thanks Ric&Jo - very knowledgeable!!

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Posted by Ric&Jo - 5 years ago

Apricots are self-fertile, but sometimes need a little help!

Cover branches with fleece (horticultural light material - like net curtain!) at night if it is likely to be frosty. Take off in day once flowers appear - to let the insects get to them for pollination. When flowers are fully out, take a small paintbrush (or cotton bud) and gently brush from flower to flower - to help with pollination.(over several days)  It is said to be useful to spray lightly with water - in mornings - to help fruit set.

In any case feed in february and mulch the base of the tree to conserve moisture. 

Good luck - apricots either do really well or really badly!

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Posted by appletrees-321263 - 5 years ago

Hi everyone - can I ask here - does anyone know why a seven year old, fairly healthy apricot tree has never had any fruit? It was very well planted originally.  I have heard apricots are male or female trees and you need both nearby - or some such thing - to get fruit. Is that true? If so - how can one tell if an apricot tree is male or female? TIA.

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Posted by Ric&Jo - 5 years ago

Prune all 'stone' fruits in summer to prevent 'silver leaf' - a fungal disease that attacks fruit trees - especially through pruning cuts. Apple, pear and quince are fine to prune in winter - as are olives - they do not seem as vulnerable to the disease. But Plum, cherry and peach are worst affected. See RHS guide at http://apps.rhs.org.uk/advicesearch/profile.aspx?pid=245


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Posted by dzj744 - 5 years ago

Hi Robberae

Can you just expand a bit on that v good reason.

Many thanks for your help


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Posted by robberae - 5 years ago

Hi Dan

I suggest that pruning of untrained stone fruit trees eg plum,cherry,peach,nectarine and apricot is delayed until spring for young trees and summer for established ones...for a very good reason!

See you soon


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Posted by TomsC - 5 years ago

Hi there,

I would say it doesn't make much of a difference is it now or some time until spring. Before the juices in the tree starts to activate and wake up for the new season. If You're really looking for the best time then do it now. Unless You're growing the trees for business reasons to get maximum out of them - it doesn't really matter. Just don't do it in the late spring and summer. I would recomend to cover the trees for the winter though.

If You need any help - just give me a shout as I'm around the area all the time.



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