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Redevelopment of an old house

Posted by matt24 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by matt24 - 4 years ago



We have full planning both insiude and out.

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Posted by appletrees-321263 - 4 years ago

Why is Dulux more expensive here than in UK - I presume it is the same stuff?! Just about everything seems to be more expensive here than UK as far as building materials are concerned and getting the work done too!.  Watched a program of Sarah Beeny's new series of "Double your house for half the price"  a couple of days ago - definitely cheaper/easier in UK.  Some people source  certain products  from nearby in Italy such as marble because it costs less there.

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Posted by Rivera-Mode - 4 years ago

Paint might be cheaper in other EU countries, but are they created to withstand the extreme temps in the summer and winter we have here. Not to mention the constant sun, compared to say, drizzle or mist all year. One reason they might be cheaper.

Might end up costing you more to repair or redo in a few years rather than the saving of a few € now on a product that is not even ment to be used here (no warranty once you use it in other than the country you purchase it in)

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Posted by hannanas - 4 years ago

Check on sites such as Castorama or Leroy Merlin (equivalent to B&Q).  

If you make any changes to the exterior to the building (even if its the colour or windows) be aware that normally planning permission is needed.  If you do decide to go ahead, the planning authority could make you change it back if they find out about it.