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Satellite TV - we will all lose free-to-air channels soon - any solutions?

Posted by HandA-281266 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by pmm-180394 - 4 years ago
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Posted by mcgreen - 4 years ago

Strictly speaking we are not loosing them, they are just probably going to be harder to get reception of. Currently Channel 5 is beaming a stronger signal than it was earlier in the year and I suspect people who had lost reception may find they have it again. Now when will BBC, other ITV regional variations, Channel 4 etc. move to the more focused and weaker, for us, beam then my guess is 2 to 4 weeks.

The satellite, 2E, lifted off about a year after 2F, Channel 5 etc. moved to 2F last week November, first week December. As 2E is late there may be a bit of catch up and I suspect the Beeb want the change over completed and stable before getting too close to the Xmas schedules. 2E is currently testing at 45Deg East

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Posted by wkt54-196372 - 4 years ago

Any idea when we are losing the UK channels?

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Posted by mcgreen - 5 years ago

Had you tried last week it would probably have worked. That is one of the issues I see in making a recommendation on the size of dish needed going forward. The signal strength in this area, on the edge of the footprint, varies quite considerably as the footprint "wobbles". When weak here it seems stronger in the North, Denmark etc. When weak there stronger here. Sometimes 85 works, sometimes 1.2 doesn't and bigger is needed. Still we look to have a few months respite whilst they work out how to launch 2E

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Posted by Escapeartist-362108 - 5 years ago

Been away and tried my 85cm dish  + invacom LNB + Pace 2200 on Astra2f channels, channel5 and fourseven. ...in Villefranche. Result, nothing dead no signal. 16 years ago dinky flat panel antenna was enough to catch UkTV then Astra arrived and 85 cm was enough but now it might need NASA's help. Glum to have to back to Slingbox and streaming.


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Posted by mcgreen - 5 years ago

Following the explosion of a Proton M rocket earlier today when launching some navigation satellites from the Balkonur cosmodrome it looks like the launch of Astra 2E will be somewhat delayed. Expect an associated knock on effect on the change of the BBC and ITV etc. to a more UK focussed beam. Seems we will be OK for the summer!

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Posted by mazzeo - 5 years ago

@MG - in the case of filmon, channels are not blocked, for now, though this could change

@MrChris - filmon works just fine on my tab and smartphone (Android) for free; no mention of them charging for ipad either, only for HD content or recording..


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Posted by MrGrumps - 5 years ago

But I thought UK channels were blocked via the Internet. Does this not also apply to the film feeds, whether via iPad or laptop?



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Posted by Mrchris - 5 years ago

I believe FIlmon.com is only free on a PC/Laptop and not an IPad or Android tablet, where you have to pay for UK channels (others are free).

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Posted by HandA-281266 - 5 years ago

Thanks for the link to filmon.com.  I shall definitely keep that in my favourites, so at least we can watch programmes while our dish is being replaced once the new satellite is up.