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Posted by Ba&Ke - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by Ba&Ke - 8 years ago

Thanks for the detailed information! I was indeed aware that they aren't lethal down here but I still find the thought of sleeping next to one a little disturbing!

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Posted by 785biot@gmail.com - 8 years ago

Just a follow up.

In Provence three types of scorpions can be found, according to Max Goyffon, a specialist on scorpions and the head of the laboratory at the Paris Museum of Natural History. There is little reason to fear for your child's safety, though: the Marseilles Antipoison Center says that since it opened in 1967, it has never registered a death or even a "serious" case following a scorpion's sting. The center gets an average of 50 calls in July and in August, and many fewer in other months (scorpions hibernate in winter). A scorpion sting in Provence is less dangerous than some bee stings, the center says. The worst risk is getting an infection not from the sting itself, but from the tiny wound it leaves, as with any cut or scrape, the center says.

The most common scorpion in the region, the Euscorpius flavicaudis, is black with yellow stinger and legs. This scorpion is harmless, according to Dr. Goyffon. These black scorpions may be found in basements or bathrooms as they like damp settings. They sometimes take refuge inside buildings after a heavy rain. A second, smaller type, Euscorpius carpathicus, black with dark red legs, is found in higher elevations, generally above 1,000 feet. It, too, is harmless, Dr. Goyffon says. The third type, the Buthus occitanus, is yellow or brown and found in the countryside of Provence and Languedoc. This scorpion is rarely encountered by anyone other than a person knowledgeable about the insect world who is searching for one, Dr. Goyffon said. While the sting of Buthus occitanus has been known to kill children in North Africa, the scorpion is harmless in France, according to Dr. Goyffon, probably for reasons related to the cooler climate in France.

If one is stung by a scorpion, the Marseilles Anitpoison Center recommends applying an anti-infection agent (hydrogen peroxide, for example) and ice to the sting. If a small child is bitten, it would be best to take the child to a doctor.

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Posted by 785biot@gmail.com - 8 years ago

Non scorpions down here is dangerous, yes they can sting but no one is more poison then a wasp . I have picket more then a dozen up in my hands without any aggression from the scorpion, they are come and don`t heard you if you don`t squeeze them. Very nice animals

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Posted by RobK-320341 - 8 years ago

Hey they sting be careful... luckily we dont have any big spiders down here.... advice on getting rid of them i can only suggest google

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Posted by GreenLeaf-314739 - 8 years ago

Always check your shoes...

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Posted by ouch that hurt !-230853 - 8 years ago

I've heard that for mosquitoes, but scorpions, I'm sceptical ?They like dark humid places, usually found in wood piles etc. so unless your house is in a dark thicket it's unlikely they will come in to the house,although not impossible