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Selling an Apartment - Simple or Exclusive Mandat?

Posted by abas - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by abas - 5 years ago

Thanks for all the information. It has really been helpful in my decision.

I have decided to go with an "Exclusive" Mandat where I have priced my appartment a little below market price, hoping for a quick sale.



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Posted by TCK-234090 - 5 years ago


I would go exclusive only if the property has the "market price", and you should ask the agent how  he/she intends to promote the property, if they deal with buyers to your "kind" of property, what have they sold in the area and when. Perhaps do they have a special "budget" to promote exclusivities also... FYI: Legally an agency may only take an exclusive mandate for 3months even though many agencies requests 6 to 12 months. 

If you place the property up for sale higher than market-price it will take time to sell and perhaps will be better to sign up with several agencies compensating eachother (publicity, promotion and location).  

What really matters is to sell quickly in todays market and not let the property listing "get old".  

In any case Good luck.

Regards Certified RE Evaluator 


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Posted by nissalabella - 5 years ago

We went exclusive with the agent we contacted, but there was a clause on the mandate agreement specifying that if we found and sold our flat, then the agent was entitled to no compensation at all.

As it happened, he sold the flat at the price we wanted so everyting well well.  BTW, this - very good - agent only deals with a few - 5 to 6 - exclusivity cause he wants to concentrate on the outcome and, apparently it works.

Good luck in your selling,


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Posted by ESS-209984 - 5 years ago

Hi there,

As 99% of the agents around here will share 'with their friends' you will effectively end up multi-agency anyway.

Also if you start that way, if you wish to later add another agent, then you are free to do so.

We used 3 agents to sell our villa, and were successful.  Good luck!