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Setting up Sky

Posted by Juan06 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by petre-287652 - 7 years ago

Thank you so much everyone for all the information.

Hopefully i will have great viewing soon.

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Posted by electechmech-277867 - 7 years ago

Juan06, say where you are roughly then maybe someone will help locally.

Petre, you can use a sky box and dont need a card for 25-00 or any other euros. The sky box will act as a free to air and give you the same channels without payment when aimed at the sky satelite.


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Posted by rakey - 7 years ago


You can get a freesat box and get up to 140 channels including BBC1,2,3,4,ITV1,2 and also up to 40 radio channels all for free via satellite, or you can use a sky box and get a card for £25 as a one off charge, and get all the sky related free to air channels.

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Posted by citic-213768 - 8 years ago

i have some left over Vac17 cable that all sat companies use you can have it for cost
i have around 17 meters
jonathan in nice

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Posted by petre-287652 - 8 years ago

I have just asked for some advice about TV channels here. If i bought a sky box which channels could I receive without a monthly fee?

Does anyone know ?

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Posted by ChB-184121 - 8 years ago

It can be easy or difficult; first where is your dish?if you don't have one already you will have to buy one (80 euros for 80cm from Castorama) and fit it. if you have access to the roof, you can mount it yourself, if your syndic will allow it. if you have a balcony that has the sun at about 11.00 am and there are no rules against it you can mount it there, or make a flowerpot as a mount so it is removable (this so the syndic don't ask you to un-mount it) Once your dish is mounted and pointing the right way, you need a meter to do the fine adjustment, again, not expensive and worth having if it is liable to get knocked and need re-aligning. Then a single co-axial cable will run to your skybox, or 2 cables if you want Sky Plus. If the run is short, then cheap cable will work ok; if the run is long it is better to pay extra to have good quality cable.

You might find there is already a dish on the roof of the building, the syndic will tell you if it is aimed at the correct satellite for Sky (28E) and if you can connect to it. Often there is a dish aimed at the satellite for French channels, so no good for you.