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Shopping from German websites

Posted by Miss Varna - Created: 13 years ago
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Hi Paul,

I've looked a little for appliances and the thing is that the stores I found only ship items up to 31kg to France (17.50 Euro shipping fee with UPS) - so that boiler-thingie wouldn't work, but if you tell me exactly what you need I could look further.

So, for electric appliances such as breadmakers ;-) (=Brotbackmaschinen or -automaten) and vacuum cleaners (=Staubsauger), I've so far found


ProMarkt is a big chain like Darty, but much cheaper since there is more competition in Germany. They only ship if you send them the money in advance to their bank account. If you use the IBAN, such transfers only take max. 3 days and cost 3 Euros only (I do that every month).

If you know exactly which brand/model you want, try www.preissuchmaschine.de - it compares prices in numerous German online shops. Then you can see if the shop with the lowest price does ship to France. In case of doubt either ask me or e-mail them in English, they all speak English, don't worry.

Furniture: As I said, I'm interested in that myself but I guess the problem will be shipping, as such items are heavier... But I'll look and let you know if I find anything.

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