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Sky Cards etc

Posted by moreteavicar?-268900 - Created: 10 years ago
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Posted by Rick W - 10 years ago

Hi there ,

In order to view the ' Free to air ' channels in France i.e. BBC1 , BBC2 , ITV etc it is not necessary at all to have a 'Sky box' decoder , Ok that said I run all these channels at home on a Sky box that I bought in Eccles , Mcr but at the same time run exactly the same stuff on a tiny decoder bought from Maplins in the UK for about 50 quid ( no card required ) , the most important thing is that you have a large enough dish ( 100cms +) pointing at the Astra 28 satellite , If in any doubt try a great web site here in France called bigdishsat.com ,

hope this helps , Richard

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Posted by moreteavicar?-268900 - 10 years ago

Thanks for the reply xkiwi but I still can't work out how my UK relative gets the card for me! We wd want a Free to View (skycard but no subscription).
Would she need to subscribe for a year? Can she just go in to Sky + buy a box + card without it being installed?
Any help with this is much appreciated!!

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Posted by xkiwi - 10 years ago

If you look at the Sky website, you will see the channels listed that are Free to Air (no Sky card needed) and Free to View (Sky card needed but no subscription). There used to be a couple of channels that were Free to View (Channel 5 I think) but I'm not sure if this distinction even exists any more.

So, if these channels meet your needs, your relative will not have to subscribe but will unfortunately get all the printed Sky junk mail on your behalf!.