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Sky satellite dish alignment

Posted by dzj744 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by mcgreen - 5 years ago

Minor tweak as you say, left or right up or down, always a risk you go too far and loose everything. Left / right can be achieved by undoing the ubolts on one side of the bracket to the pole by a turn or two (but not so much that the thing can move) and tightening the other side by the same amount. This has the effect of creeping the mounting round on the pole by a small amount. Check the signal strength / quality readings on the TV it might have got better, if so repeat, it might have got worse, go the other way. I get Channel 5 on 85cm dish but I have a meter for installation so know it is pointing in right direction. But yes it is a weaker signal than it used to be so disappears with lighter rain than it used to.

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Posted by Helping Hand-276244 - 5 years ago

Where do you live

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Posted by Flamingo-205057 - 5 years ago

Channel 5 (and it's variants) and Ch4HD have recently moved to another satellite (still at 28.2 E) with a beam more tightly focused on the UK. That is why you have lost Channel 5.

Realigning your dish probably won't help. You possibly need a bigger dish 1m, or even 1.2m.