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Sky TV receiving but no BBC...help!

Posted by David 51 - Created: 14 years ago
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Can anyone advise...have a sky package, plus new card...used to be able to get all BBC channels now no signal...can receive all other channels from sky.
Do I need to change our dish?
Many thanks to anyone who can help!

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Posted by David 51 - 14 years ago

Thanks for all the help.
Ended up using JP (who contacted us through Angloinfo) tel: 06 78 39 39 05 who came over and fixed the problem as suggested...bigger dish.....
Can recommend him

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Posted by rowlandsp - 14 years ago

I bought a new 80cm dish and a universal LNB (that sits on the end of the arm looking at the dish) in Leroy Merlin Nice last Saturday for 44 Euros. They have a special offer on dishes just now.It came with an analogue receiver in that price. I set it up on Sunday and by 5pm was reciving the BBC again from Astra 2D.

You wont need the analogue receiver but 44 euros for the dish + LNB alone was pretty cheap.

If you know how to setup the dish yourself its a cheap fix to loss of the Beeb.



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Posted by meagherp - 14 years ago

BBC TV 7 Radio has changed to use the Astra 2D satellite(tightly focused on UK). It is not even encrypted as of this week. You will need an 80-100 cm dish to receive a decent signal from 2D.  suggest looking at www.satcure.co.uk and all the message threads there.   Also your Sky viewing card should be a recent Blue one with a House logo on it - otherwise it will get switched off shortly.