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Smoke Alarms

Posted by Si-180835 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 15 years ago

The traditional Black & Decker smoke alarm or it's current equivalents ( even sold in some branches of Boots I believe ) contains a miniscule radioactive isotope , being part & parcel of it's mechanism and operation. For some reason , this particular isotope , similar to the fluorescence on a watch face , has not yet been allowed to be marketed in any form in France - which to those in the know may seem contradictory in view of the nuclear bomb tests in the Pacific ( Mururoa Atoll to be precise ) some years ago !

However those bringing these smoke detectors back down to the CDA should , if purchasing more than half a dozen at a time , just to be on the safe side , purchase a thin sheet of lead to line the car boot to prevent the children in the back seat being irradiated by Caesium 137 recycled nuclides ! (There's enough Chernobyl fallout around this area without adding to it ! )



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Posted by coulsdon - 15 years ago

I just bought 5 in the uk, roughly a fiver each, they do not seem to sell them down here. KIDDE is the brand name. Regards

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Posted by Julie M - 15 years ago

We found one in Castorama a couple of years ago (we were wanting 3). It looked as if it had been on the shelf some time. It was certainly more than

€40 and we left it there to gather more dust. We're coming over to Antibes next week via B&Q/Homebase. Email me if you want me to pick any up.

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Posted by Sue R-188877 - 15 years ago

They don't really use them in private homes. We tried everywhere and the only ones we found were in Balitrand in Cannes, but it was a sophisticated system designed for hotel installation (several alarms linked together) and pretty expensive. Probably easier to do what we did and ask someone to send some from the UK.

Having said that our search was a couple of years ago so I'd be interested to hear if anyone has found any.