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SOS - solutions for possible bedbugs

Posted by Groovychick-193736 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by ouch that hurt !-230853 - 7 years ago

Have you seen the bugs? because I am fighting this battle, & I have done everything I can do, but am still looking for a solution.there are bed bugs, but there are also mites, acarians, body lice, etc.I have treated with spray & fumigene, boiled the bedding, changed the pillows & duvet, hoovered repeatedly every seam, behind & under every article of furniture, photo, light switch.... put traps on the feet of the bed, pulled bed away from the wall.put anti mite traps in the cupboards, wash with lavender soap, & use lavender oilchange pyjamas & bed linen every 2 daysyou can a spray from the chemist called A-PAR disinfectant antiparasitaireyou can get chemicals here: http://www.valmour.fr/catalogue/index.php?action=rechercheAvanceeyou can buy impermeable covers for the bedding (not cheap) here:http://www.sos-punaises-de-lit.fr/protection-domicile-contre-punaises-lit/47-housse-protection-plastique-matelas-anti-punaise.htmlHowever I am now taking my dog to the vet, as it may be an acarian called cheyletiella yasguri, frankly I am trying anything. would happily burn the bed, but am not sure it will be a solutionTotal misery

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Posted by 63gbs-211288 - 7 years ago

Hi we had this problem some year ago and eventually had to do it ourselves. I went onto the internet and found a company in the UK to supply the chemicals and fumigation devises.


There are other companies just Google "bed bug chemicals uk"

We were successful but it can be difficult. When we tried to find someone to do the job no one seemed interested at the time.

Best of luck!!!!!!