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Standard of work !

Posted by colin finch-316157 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by edgard-323439 - 7 years ago

I am a tradesman in cote d azur for about 13 years now and I do not encounter a big problem in buying materials here and if there is any factory defect I do not have problems in returning or changing it to the shop as long you don’t lose your ticket. I think if you know well the area you will not have a big problem.   Regarding the good tradesmen who are legally registered here in France.   To let you know, you need to understand that we are paying a lot of charges and all your works should be declared with expensive insurance.   Clients are looking for a good quality and guaranteed works  in a very small amount and  if they don't see their expecting fantastic result, they call the tradesmen COWBOYS! If you want a good quality of work, then pay a good amount.    These tradesmen are just trying to survive and give you a suicide price. And pls take note, not only the tradesmen here are cowboys, I encountered some clients who are happy - no complains - but still don’t want to pay the last payment.   My advice is for both sides to be careful, dont look only one side.    

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Posted by happy77-121055 - 7 years ago

Les Lucioles, being a small renovation company based here, I have to say that from what we have experienced over the years the amounts that French workmen charge are so crazy it is untrue. I take it that you are not a professional tradesman as you would then realise that the quality of materials that are available here is extremly limited and a complete rip of for what you get.

We are an Anglo/Polish company and my Polish team who have 25 years of experience just laugh at what is available here as they are used to German quality products back home, this is why we try and source products from either the UK or Poland and stay away from the French ones. Having just installed a shower bought locally and having to return it twice back to the shop due to factory faults and being told that they do not usually except faulty returns once the package has been opened!!! Then having to pay out of our own pockets for redelivery is another reason why to avoid buying products in this country.

I do not agree either that if a quote is competative then it means they are 'cowboys' for us it is we are realistic and don't go the 'Riviera' way and just add crazy amounts on to the quotes like the French.

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Posted by les lucioles - 7 years ago

As a customer, I get very frustrated too! You say that there are a lot of good tradesmen struggling to get contracts.

From my point of view this might has something to do with the fact that a lot of tradesman think that they can charge ridiculous amounts for standard work, because surely, everybody on the riviera is a millionair no???

Plus, a lot of them overcharge massively because they have to get the materials from the UK(where everything is so much better apparently), because they don't know how to work with French products. Surely the French were living in houses, not caves and living perfectly civilised lives before the expats came over?

We find ourselves doing most of the work ourselves with French products, or even getting French tradesmen (yes, I know, scary but we are after all living in their country!) with a very satisfactory result.

Sorry to rant a bit, but come on guys! I would love for someone else to do the work, if only you would learn to quote normal prices for normal people living here!



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Posted by norbika - 7 years ago

i totaly agree ,the standard of works can be pretty bad here ! ( if i was such"craftsman" back home in Oz , i would have been on the street longtime ago ! )

I feel your frustration !!!