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Stones needed for repairing-building garden walls in cavaliere

Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 3 months ago
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Bonjour mes amis (hello my friends),I hope that this message finds you all well and positive.  

am a landscape gardener who travels around france in my camper working
in most of the regions and am at this moment working down in cavaliere
on the coast between le lavendou and st tropez.  

The job that I am
doing here as well as the annual garden tidy is fixing up all the old steps and repairing a lot of the
terraced walls that have fallen down over the years. Unfortunately I
will not have time to do it all this visit as I have obligations with
other clients,so will have to return later in the year and apart from
that I shall be running out of stone soon.  

The stone that I have been using is pretty much just mountain rocks and field stones which do the job nicely.  

anyone out there has got a pile of stones-rocks that they dont want and
wouldnt mind having them removed little by little over a stretch of time
then please email me on gerdweller@hotmail.co.uk , or send me a text on 0673 631 996.   

I have only got
my camper so could only take a few away at a time,but if you had quite a
large collection,I could maybe sort out a small lorry and a couple of
lads to help out as I made this connection last year when we needed to
get a lot of rubbish taken to the tip.  

I shall be here for about another two weeks before I have to head up to the Dordogne for my next Job and probably will not be back here on the south coast until much later in the year due to quite a big work load on throughout the country.  

I went down to have a
look at stone for sale in the local towns and the only stone they had
was dressed and was a ludicrous price,in fact,the most expensive that I
have seen in france,and as someone who specializes in dry stone
walling,I have seen a lot of prices.Over 400euros per M3 !!! A cubic
metre does not go very far,that I can assure you.  

Anyhow,am more
on the scrounge for just normal stone from say hand sized upwards to the size of a breadbin that anyone may want removed which
will save you having to pay to get rid of it or do runs to the decheterie and at the same time earn you a very good
bottle of wine of the colour of you choice.  

Maybe one day we will consider buying any good building stone any of you possess as the house and garden are built into the mountain side and the earth is always on the move with ground movement and hard rain,so quite a few small retaining walls have to get put in to help stop the mess that occurs after such movement.   
Wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2018.

Love and stuff to all

Jamie x

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Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 3 months ago

Bonjour tout le monde , Just to say that my clients will be off today and I shall be off after the weekend.  They shall be back down in March and I shall be back down next winter , but in the meantime,if you find you have stone you want getting rid of,please email me with the details and I shall try and sort out a pick up as soon as is possible.  

Have got to go on to fix up some walls in vaucluse next , followed by pollarding in the Dordogne, and a big garden tidy up in Burgundy before over to Brittany to do the springtime Hedge cutting and weeding for a few clients and then on the road again to various other jobs and beautiful area's.  

So until we meet again,may I wish you all a marvelous 2018. I hope you all enjoy it in great health and spirits.  

A bientot  

Jamie xx

Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 3 months ago

I think that the decheterie is probably a very good idea and one that I had not considered , so thank you kindly appletrees for taking time and sharing your thoughts.  

You are right about be being a treasure , in that I look like I have been hidden in a cave for three hundred years :-)      Must get to the barbershop soon  !!

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Posted by appletrees-321263 - 3 months ago

You sound like a treasure! Perhaps if you could contact a ''road works'' department , dechetterie or local building site - they may have free rocks or advise you. As for your car - we had some gravel in a huge bag delivered a while ago and it was very heavy. The lorry had to use a crane!

Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 3 months ago

Of course that would be anyones first thought, however I would not consider putting my clients-friends in a situation where they need to spend probably over 10000 euros on stone,before I have exhausted all other possibilities. It is ridiculously expensive.  

I can get dressed granite for a third of that price in a few other regions !!!   

Another option I am considering is getting a large lorry full from another region as even with a long distance delivery , it would still be cheaper.   

Last visit,I was bringing them stone back from the mountains 6 oclock every morning when I walked cockney and over a couple of weeks,what I brought back built a couple of small retaining walls and fixed up some steps and paths and it didnt cost them a centime.  

As well as doing a good and tidy job , doing it well and saving my client as much money as possible is important too.  

Tea is finished,back to cutting back tree's now.  

Bonne Journee a tous  

Jamie x