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Suitable tree

Posted by Tegan - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by Debbie.Wenn-246797 - 7 years ago

I'd go with a Mimosa, evergreen, not very messy, fast growing and can be trimmed to whatever size you want it to remain. Added advantage are the beautiful yellow plumes in March.

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Posted by Goupil-198464 - 7 years ago

Hi Tracy,
Indeed, location, size of garden, type of soil are crucial. In my garden I am happy with an almond tree, a micocoulier (elmus celticus), citrus, olive tree, not fast growing but with a bit of care fits the bill. I go to Noaro at the entrance of Campo Rosso in valle Nervia just after Vintimiglia. Best choice and price.

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Posted by GreenLeaf-314739 - 7 years ago

Japanese Maple or Mulberry & 2nd Briconautes...

Also, it depends on "where you are" (this is a main point in any posting as this dept is 4,299 sq kilometres, Roquebilliere has a different climate than Valbonne and Valbonne has a different climate than Cannes and so on and on).

An olive tree is only suitable up to about 600-800 metres, same with any citrus.

Do you want this tree to be "evergreen"? Native? Drought resistant? Or just want it to look "nice".

There are many books on the subject, probably with pictures... Or just have a walk around one or two of the bigger garden centres.

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Posted by ESS-209984 - 7 years ago

I guess you mean a Faux Poivrier?

If so, don't bother. They are untidy, grow very large, and are extremely sensitive to frost. So, unless you want what can become a huge tree (slow growing in spite of all they say...) chose something else. Our one in Mouans Sartoux is barely alive, and my friend in Valbonne planted a very expensive one and that is dead.

Nothing to beat an Olive tree in gardens here. You can buy a fairly young one and with water, fertiliser, sun and love it can become beautiful. If you want, I can email you a photo of some of the Olive Trees we planted 8 years ago, started off at less than 30 euros each...

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Posted by LouiseLL - 7 years ago

Olive tree? I know it's not very original but they look great lit up and they're not messy.
As for fencing, I'm fairly sure Briconautes (Plan de Grasse) have a reasonable selection.