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Swimming pool - Painting or tiling?

Posted by IvanArys - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by judemurray - 6 years ago

Where's the best place to get mosaic tiles for pools? Thanks, jujubes

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Posted by stageline245 - 6 years ago

I am happy to suggest Mark and Dom as they done a fantastic reservation on my home, Please call Dom on 0658128568 or Mark on

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Posted by Coffeecup-316019 - 6 years ago

I was in charge of lining the outside concrete river rides in Centre Parc across europe and also many other pools

including my current pool here in Le Rouret

For long term reliability (10 years ) at an affordable cost applying One coat of polyester resin then two coats of Gel coat one of which is waxed is the best option

100 mtr pool would take approximately 3 days subject to original pool surface quality.

the better the prep the better the final job.

good luck

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Posted by Svein-197135 - 6 years ago

We repainted our pool in 2005 with "normal" pool paint, but in 2010 it was flaking badly and we had to repaint again. This time however we chose, recommended by our pool man, a firm that used two layers of polyester and two layers of Gel-coats.
We are very satisfied with this surface and the quality of the work. Cost for ca 100m2 was 4,000 euros plus 1000 euros for mosaic tiles on the top 30 cms. Guarantee 10 years. The small firm that did the work is in Cagnes/Mer. I can send you the contact details if you are interested.
Good luck.

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Posted by 785biot@gmail.com - 6 years ago


Had the same problem. Painting will not last for long max 2-3 years. It is "cheap" and quite quick to do.

The best you can do is to tiling it. It is expensive and there are a lot of company's out there that offer to do it. But only a few that can do it professional. We did it last year and paid for a 112 m2 pool about 28.000 € our pool is a bit special with jazzuci and many corners.

We took out 4 devis and the different in price was 6467 € so be aware. The company that did it is no longer in business here but did a very good job.

Good luck