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Swimming pools: Ionization vs salt or chlorine?

Posted by snowqueen-191196 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by Trotsl - 5 years ago

Salt. Works treat and the water feels really nice to swim in.

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Posted by JJ-183649 - 5 years ago

I have had salt in my pool 22 years old, and it's looks fine (only emptied once). 


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Posted by bklfrance - 5 years ago


we are now considering using the same-ionization system. Can you share your experiences? Which product/company did you use?

Thank you!

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Posted by piccasostar - 7 years ago


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Posted by soundsalike - 7 years ago

I have been involved over the years with many systems. Ionisation was used by the Romans as electrolysis dipping silver & copper plates at each end of the pool, so this is not new.In my experience passing an electric current between electrodes does work to a degree but ph is so important and black algae can take root in the joints... I have found that copper sulphate deposits can form where the current tries to go to earth, in such cases I found a grounded copper bar can act as as a cathode preventing this, in addition I have found that a gallet of chlor is indispensable to give the water that sparkle. Some systems make amazing claims but really at the end of the day .... eneey meenie minnney mo... good luck.