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Posted by Humptydingo-180377 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by Humptydingo-180377 - 17 years ago

Thank you j_c for this vital number and to everyone else for their support

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Posted by j_c-182689 - 17 years ago

Tiscali's Illimitée number is 08600 95557


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Posted by Doug-181340 - 17 years ago


I'm not sure if this information is relevant to you or not, but it maybe so here goes:

I have an ADSL connection with Wanadoo and when this decided to take a coffee break one day, I thought I'd try out my account details on their dial-up service. I eventually got it going, but as punc rightly points out the telephone number you use depend on the type of subscription you have. In order to give myself a backup in case of future problems, I signed up with another ISP (freesurf) but was unable to login with my phone line. It was fine at a friends house with the same account details, but not on my line.

I eventually found out through much messing about that many of these dial-up services require your phone to give out the caller id (CLID).

When we set up out telephone account with France Telecom, we asked for it to be ex-directory and their default configuration for the phone line is to permanently disable the CLID. We asked FT to enable caller ID and from that point we had no problems with connecting to the various dial-up services that we tried.

Good luck,

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Posted by punc - 17 years ago

Humpty, I sent you an email.


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Posted by Humptydingo-180377 - 17 years ago

As already mentioned they are staying with me in the Var.  They have had problems with connecting to the net and e-mail in/out so they bought their tower with them which I have connected to my spare monitor so that I could look at what had been entered as their Tiscali connection details, as well as look at some of the shared details I have on my system.( but unfortunately I am with Wanadoo)  Tiscali helpdesk staff have been very helpful but after mountains of phonecalls they have still not resolved their problem.  Tiscali are saying it is probably the phone number but we have loaded and tested the modem on my system and it is working OK. I have noticed that they have two internet connection icons which have different Tiscali connection phone numbers in the dial-up properties (as well as some other incorrect entries).  I am trying to establish which is the right one.  Because I am using my computer to look at the Tiscali site dialing on my phone number, (They can't get through on their PC!), Tiscali won't allow me through to the relevant information to identify their dial-up number, even by using their ID and password - security reasons and of course I can't just change over their registration to my phone number for the weekend.

They tell me they have Forfaits Internet Illimite.

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Posted by punc - 17 years ago

Not sure what you're trying to configure, but if you can get onto the Tiscali site, your friends can check their mail directly form there.

Dial up numbers depend on the forfait you/they are using. All account information, including this number can be found on Tiscali's website

On the home page, click GESTION DU COMPTE (top tab)Login using email address and passwordUnder VOS INFOS PERSONNELLES, click ParametresThis brings up all the account information and in Section 4, you will find the relevant access number

Have fun


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Posted by gerardin01 - 17 years ago

you can try this number although I have ADSL through Tiscali(I don't know if that makes a difference)


Best of luck