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Television set

Posted by pjones-226613 - Created: 10 years ago
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I am sure this is a really silly question. So here it is. I am packing up all my stuff in the UK to move to Nice in two weeks. If I bring my TV, will it work in France if I just change the plug? Or is there some totally different system that means I should just sell my TV and buy a new one when I get there? Thanks.

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Posted by pjones-226613 - 10 years ago

Thanks Richard. What a simple but brilliant idea - never occured to me and I have just given away three of those UK 4 way blocks Thinking they would be of no use to me! Glad I still have one left.


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Posted by Ras-214972 - 10 years ago

I brought my UK television here to France, and it does not receive the normal television signal. However, I also brought with me my UK Freeview box, and was quite pleased to discover that it receives all the French digital television signals quite happily.

So you can use your UK TV if you have a UK Freeview box or else buy a French one here. Also, DVD players, VCRs etc will continue to play back to your TV, but you will have to set them up to record from the digi box rather than the aerial direct.

I would advise in any case changing the plug. The adaptors are not really intended for long term use, and they take up a lot of space. A tip is to bring with you a UK style 4-way block, and just put a (wired on) french plug on the cable. Then you can plug your TV, VCR etc all into the 4-way block. You should try to ensure that the "live" connection gets wired through to the equivalent pin on the UK plug (because the UK plug takes a fuse).


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Posted by pjones-226613 - 10 years ago

Thanks Maria and Borme. I will add the television to the for sale list!!

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Posted by borme - 10 years ago

The system is PAL in the UK as in Australia and the System here is Secam, the tuner in the TV will not be compatible to receive stations; as for playback of tapes most TV's and VCR's here are multi system; so the picture playback with tapes should arrive in colour The tuner is your problem unless you have a multi system VCR to use as a tuner I once had one it was very expensive at the timeI would not bring it here Borme

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Posted by maria-201119 - 10 years ago

Not a silly question at all. The answer to your question can be found here:-



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Posted by pjones-226613 - 10 years ago

Good point, I have lots of those. So, if I plug it in via an adaptor - is it compatible with french TV system? I know UK television set would not work in USA, just wondering if it will work in France?

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Posted by stuart06-195098 - 10 years ago

You can buy an adaptor to save changing the plug !!!!!