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The ripening of plums

Posted by Astigmatic - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Astigmatic - 5 years ago

Very many thanks for the helpful replies; we've eaten the really ripe ones and think we know someone who makes jam.  The latter will make good use of the others.  


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Posted by Kentish maid-243236 - 5 years ago

Your plums will mature, it depends obviously as to how hard they were when you picked them.  If they have started to turn from green to their ripening colour they should only take a few days.

You need to keep them somewhere which is not too cool but not too hot.  Spread them out on a tray and check them over each day, throw out or use any that are going bad, otherwise those ones will send every plum that they are in contact with bad too.

Don't put them in a hot place, nor in the sun as they will start to dessicate even after one day.

If you are a jam maker, it is better to use plums that are slightly hard, so you could use them as they are!

Hope this helps.

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Posted by courtenay-203998 - 5 years ago

You could try leaving them on a flat dish in the sun - that might help.