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Thermodynamic water heaters

Posted by gillian.crossley-179878 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by A Breath of Fresh Air - 5 years ago

I think you mean heaters which have a heat pump as their basis: a device which takes heat from a source at low temperature and delivers at high temperatures, the reverse fridge cycle.

 These can be ground source or air source.  Ground source have a big (and expensive) pipe array laid in the garden to take solar energy from the soil and turn it into heat in your house.  Typically, and sadly, they are often unreliable, as the huge pipe arrays, especially in the clay soild around here, can develop leaks, and I've seen many vilmas with disused expensive GSHP equipment.

Air source use hear exchangers like those in an air-conditioning unit to take heat from the outside air.   They are often sold in the form of reversible air conditioning units, and I think this is what you mean.  They are often used, and as far as I know, are reliable and effective.

 In terms of heating, they use one third to one quarter of the energy a normal heater would.   So if you heat by electricity, you will save by this amount.  If you would otherwsie heat by gas or oil, you will save less, as per unit of energy, they are around half the price of electricity.  Your saving will then be a factor of two rather than three or four.

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Posted by monaconigel - 5 years ago

Try Google UK - type in exactly what you have in your header and you'll get a full explanation.