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Tomato seeds

Posted by LouiseLL - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by Kentish maid-243236 - 6 years ago

Yes you can grow from your own seeds.
My neighbour here showed me how.
You just choose the best tomato when it is really ripe & pick it. Then spread the seeds out in the sun, I use a piece of kitchen towel because to start with they are very sticky.
Then let them dry on the towel, in the sun. When they are dry, put them in an envelope & keep them in a dry place for next year. It doesn't matter if there is still some paper towel stuck to them, it actually keeps them together in the envelope.
My current lot are 2 years old & still germinated well this year. I have no idea what they are, except that they are the best toms ever, big & juicy.

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Posted by teen-214765 - 6 years ago

I have a lot of heirloom plants which will be chucked out soon. I will finish planting out this week......we are at 900m. If anyone is interested , let me know. Many rare and interesting varieties!

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Posted by LouiseLL - 6 years ago

Thanks. I did actually plant some small plants a few weeks ago and they're coming along nicely. A friend of mine wants to give me some seeds of a certain variety she really likes and which she can't find as a ready grown plant. That was why I was wondering about seeds...

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Posted by ReWe - 6 years ago

It is a little late to be putting in tomato seeds, but if you go to a gardening centre or your local "Agricole" you will find small plants to put in your garden at little cost and there is something magic about growing and eating your own home grown tomatoes. Give it a try, bet you enjoy them!

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Posted by LouiseLL - 6 years ago

Thanks for that link. I think I'll leave it until next year now, I have a feeling I'm a bit late!

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Posted by ouch that hurt !-230853 - 6 years ago

I know from my childhood that it works as my grandmother used to go & get her seedlings from the sewage leaking into her stream ! Nice !However, all the peolpe I know buy seedlings