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Posted by LouiseLL - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by newmum05 - 6 years ago

I also grow mine from seeds. I planted them 2 weeks ago and now they are about 4cm. They are inside the house in a propagator I will wait until may to plant them outside.

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Posted by RollerGirl-316111 - 6 years ago

I bought some plants from the shop and have planted them in a sunny position in the garden.. no covering and they are doing wonderful!

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Posted by teen-214765 - 6 years ago

I grow all mine from seed and have just started pricking the tinies out! I put mine out early May in general, although I check the meteo, as we are at almost 900m.

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Posted by LouiseLL - 6 years ago

Thanks everyone! This has made things very clear. I'll play it safe and wait!

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Posted by ouch that hurt !-230853 - 6 years ago

You can plant them, you just need to keep them under cloche/tunnel,

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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 6 years ago

the plants sold now have been "brought up" under glass so will undoubtedly find the nights too chilly so you may get away with just covering them at night as the weather is reasonable.
Check out your local cooperative agricole- they will have locally raised plants tho they may not have them yet as it is a bit early

Traditionally in france they say you shouldnt plant things til after the Saint Glaces (which are 3 saints days around the 13th may) before which you cant trust the weather not to have a suddden drop in temperarture

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Posted by GreenLeaf-314739 - 6 years ago

Seed packets say to keep under plastic or in greenhouse till end-May or June.

So if you can build a small cover in plastic, you can plant them in place.

Also, the seed packets are an average for all of France, being that we are a few degrees warmer here, earliest I would think is mid-April in open air.