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Translation of Surge Protector?

Posted by szozu - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by Nadil - 17 years ago

You're lucky that you just popped a PSU - my father inlaw had the same problem and it fried his PC, he had to have every component replaced (including motherboard, processor, hard drive, CD and graphics card). The only thing left over from the old PC was the case!! Needless to say, he invested in surge protection the next day :)

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Posted by szozu - 17 years ago

Thanks a lot for the terminology. And I actually didn't know that a UPS can lack a surge protector, I'm not really familiar with them when it comes to home PC's, just for heavy-duty network applications such as servers and conversation loggers and even then I'm no expert.

I've always found the electricity reliable in the US, so I've only used surge protectors at home. Here, on the other hand, I think I've got a short circuit because the fusebox even blows in the middle of the night when there's nothing really on except the water heater and the fridge.


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Posted by Nadil - 17 years ago

By the way, you should be able to pick up APC surge protectors at Carrefour.

If you are thinking of buying a UPS, make sure it comes with built in surge protection...not all of them do.

Remember a UPS will give you several minutes to save your work on your computer and switch it off safely during a power failure. A surge protector simply cuts the power completely when it senses a surge. If u need any more help/explanations/pointers, post back here or email me using the forum link.

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Posted by Nadil - 17 years ago

UPS = Onduleur

Surge protector = Parasurtenseur

Lightning protector = Parafoudre