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Virus in email, what to do?

Posted by davidn-184078 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by Alain-182671 - 17 years ago

One way is to change your email address.

If you are getting a lot of junk mail and viruses, a very good way to get rid of them is to change your email address. It's a pain, I know, especially if you do a lot of emailing with a lot of people.

A warning, never use your real email address when asked for it to enter web sites, unless you are subscribing to something serious of cause, even then you could create a hotmail or yahoo mail account which you can check on-line, keep you real mail address for serious stuff.

And of cause, update your virus programme every day, try to make it a habit to update you virus system as the first thing when you connect to the internet EVERY DAY. Don’t have an antivirus system, Get one, the amount of viruses I have removed the past years is incredible, it can get very expensive and time consuming to clean up an infected computer.

Backup, how many people out there make regular backup of their date, I would say at the most 10%, what would happen if you turned you computer on one day and nothing happened, it turns out that you hard disk died, meaning all your data is lost, or if you by accident deleted you address book, think about it, it’s not very difficult to make a back up of your data.

Have a nice afternoon all.


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Posted by Anne & Jim - 17 years ago

getting the same Virus !! change your Norton settings so that infected file are deleted automatically.



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Posted by mike-179830 - 17 years ago

Make sure you have decent virus-checking software. McAfee and Norton are two well-respected brandsMake sure the virus definition files are updated weekly, at a minimumBe grateful that you only get a couple of infected e-Mails per day. I currently get between 50 and 150 per day, which is better than when I edited Africa's top-selling IT magazine (often 200 per day), but still somewhat annoying...**************