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Water in the Riviera

Posted by glenjohnson73 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by musky-211885 - 7 years ago

Bottles outside for wasps and mossies

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Posted by wetfeet-234045 - 7 years ago

as for the bottles around I was told for cats but maybe for both cats & dogs..

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Posted by wetfeet-234045 - 7 years ago

The tap water is ok to drink but would filter it first..it has high calc & often smells also has been known to be dirty. it is common for cases of vomiting & bad tum bugs in some areas. especially after storms..boil water to be safe.this info from local knowledge of living in the area for many years.if you go for bottled water, the local mountain stuff is good, tastes much better than the more expensivewell known brands.In the end it's your body you're putting it into..it depends on who you are giving ti to & how sensitive the body is.good luck.

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Posted by charlottenovitz-266290 - 7 years ago

BIG Question! Do you know HOW the water coming out of your tap is TREATED?????????????????? That Provence leads Europe in the
use of chemicals , pesticides. I live in a fruit-growing region and often see the
men from Mars on their tractors, heading for the fields. I heard someone say
that their son was hired to pick tomatoes and will never eat a tomatoe again.

But what's in the plastic that water from "sources" is stored in???

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Posted by harry93 - 7 years ago

Regarding the water here there was a case of high arsnic traces somewhere in the region which was reported in the news and a part from high calcium levels and on occasions dirty water coming out of the taps your guess is as good as mine if the water is good here to drink but remember you are the one drinking it, I would drink bottle water to be safe.

You will always get people saying that we have been drinking the water here for years and we have had no problem but do you really want to take the chance.

You can also take a sample to your chemist and they will analyse it for you just to make sure.


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Posted by ChB-184121 - 7 years ago

be aware that on certain days of the week (or is it per month?) the chlorine content is higher in the tap water to clean out the pipes but you soon get used to it. it is only a tiny amount.

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Posted by Floridian-312987 - 7 years ago

Yes and for dogs not to urinate