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What am I allowed to plant where in my garden?

Posted by Happy Kids - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by paulhenry - 6 years ago

anywhere on border u plant what u want as long as it doesnt encroach on their land but u have to allow for where it will b in the coming years .olive trees need space cypress is a good hedge the other fruit trees need space and lots of light and dont plant bamboo its a weed like plant disaster to control after a few years.

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Posted by GAnthony - 6 years ago

I believe that it is 5 meters from the boundary for large trees, and 2 meters high for hedges. However, it would be a good idea to go to the mairie and ask for a copy of the rules which are currently in place for your area. We have found them to be very helpful, and happy to explain what is required. Also, should your neighbours complain, you will know that you are in compliance with the law. Beware of planting bamboo. It grows like a weed here, and can spread all over the place and be very difficult to manage, unlike the trees that you have mentioned. Take note also, that certain species of palm trees are being attacked by a beetle and new rules are being introduced to make owners maintain the trees properly and prevent the spread of this nasty insect. A good garden centre will advise. Good luck.